General Selection Criteria

Projects are selected according to the following criteria (and not necessarily in this order), being eligible if:

  • The learning evidences are clearly demonstrated and confirmed by the analysis of the information and material sent.
  • The project can be developed in other educational contexts, not requiring exclusive and special physical, material or regional conditions.
  • Equity and inclusion are, in fact, guaranteed in the actions carried out, and are proven in the learning progress of all involved, regardless of predetermined physical or intellectual condition.
  • The methodologies used are consistent with the most up-to-date knowledge in the area in which the work was entered. (specific didactics in the case of teachers’ work, training methodologies and management proposals for school managers)
  • The proposals are adapted to the public for which they are intended and contribute, in some way, to the training provided by the BNCC (new curricular standards known as the Base Nacional Comum Curricular): children, students or students for the enrollment of teachers, teachers, staff and community for school managers).