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Fundação Victor Civita

The Fundação Victor Civita is a non-profit organization focused on recognizing best practices in Education, from kindergarden to high school.

Since 1985, Fundação Victor Civita contributes to the improvement of the quality of Brazilian Basic Education (from kindergarden to high school).

Mission: to disseminate knowledge and to value good practices in the Brazilian Basic Education that support educators facing the challenges of our time.

Educador Nota 10 Prize

Created in 1998, the Educador Nota 10 Prize is the main initiative of Fundação Victor Civita. It recognizes teachers from kindergarten through high school, as well as pedagogical coordinators and school managers from all over the Brazil. Thousands of educators, from public and private schools and different areas of knowledge, register their work in each edition of the Prize.

The Selection Academy, composed of Education professionals, specialists in the various disciplines, analyzes all the works received and among them, they choose 50 finalists. The 10 winners – Educadores Nota 10 – are then selected by the same Selection Academy. At the end of the process, a Judging Academy chooses the Educator of the Year.

There have been 20 editions of the Award, in which 221 educators were recognized: teachers and managers. Over R$ 2.58 million (Brazilian Real) were distributed in prizes.

The award-winning works are simple and courageous ideas that reinforce the importance of the learning experience for children, teenagers and adults. The task of keeping them in a good school is an indispensable work for the transformation of this country into a better and more just nation.



(Fabio Rizzato/FVC)

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History of Fundação Victor Civita

Victor Civita and Roberto Civita visiting a school in São Paulo (Brazil)

Victor Civita and Roberto Civita visiting a school in São Paulo (Brazil) (Divulgação/FVC)

Victor Civita was one of the largest entrepreneurs in the country. Born in New York, in the United States, and son of Italians, he founded in 1950 the largest publishing group in Brazil, Editora Abril. In 1985, at the age of 78 and professionally accomplished, “Mr.” Victor, as he was known by the company’s employees, wanted to give back to Brazilians everything he had conquered. On his point of view, “an educated people is a rich and a strong people, because they know how to produce and to prosper”. Moved by this purpose and wanting to contribute to a country where there was a lack of schools, good teachers, encouragement of teaching work or materials to support pedagogical practices, Mr. Victor decided to create a private foundation focused on improving education: the Fundação Victor Civita, a non-profit organization, maintained by the Civita family.

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Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us on fvc@fvc.org.br and premioeducadornota10@fvc.org.br.