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Fundação Victor Civita
Fundação Victor Civita is a non-profit entity focused on improving education by recognizing quality educators and encouraging teaching as a profession.
General Criteria
General Criteria based on which the projects are evaluated
Why teachers?
Teacher, the profession that shapes all professions.
Trustee Council
Learn more about the members of Fundação Victor Civita’s Trustee Council
The Leadership
From Victor Civita to Victor Civita Neto, discover the story of Fundação Victor Civita’s leaders from the beginning.
Studies, Research and Special Features
Between 2007 and 2015, Fundação Victor Civita´s Educational Studies and Research arm investigated issues relevant to Brazilian primary education.
Recognitions and Awards
Learn more about the recognitions and awards received by Fundação Victor Civita over its more than 30 years of existence.
We believe in recognizing teachers in order to transform primary education
Check out part of the 2018 Educador Nota 10 Prize opening speech, given by pedagogical coordinator Luciana Hubner.
Our Story
Learn more about the history of Fundação Victor Civita and its contributions to the development of Brazilian education.